Vice Chief of the Defence Forces Pay A Coutesy Call To The Governor, Isiolo County.

Vice Chief of Defence Forces Lt Gen Samson Mwathethe signing the visitor’s book at the Isiolo Governor’s office during the Ministry of Defence meeting with the Isiolo Governor H E Godana Doyo on 26th February 2014.

 Vice Chief of the defense Forces Lt Gen Samson Mwathethe paid a courtesy call to the Governor of Isiolo County, Godana Guyo and held talks on civil- military relations.Gen Mwathethe who was on an official tour in the area, underscored the importance of cooperation between local residents and the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) saying there was a symbiotic relationship between development and security.The Gen pointed that the presence of troops in the area would ensure security for the Lamu-South Sudan- Ethiopia Transport (LAPPSET), which is one of the largest transport and infrastructure in East Africa.The project will open up Northern and parts of Eastern Kenya for exploitation of resources and also create links with Ethiopia and South Sudan thereby increasing trade and investment in the region.

Lt Gen Mwathethe said, for KDF to fill its constitutional mandate of defending and protecting the people of Kenya and their property against external aggression, they need to continuously train in the designated areas that have been strategically identified by the Government.

On his part governor thanked the VCDF for the visit and said that the County Government of Isiolo will continue to cooperate and work with the National Government for the benefit of the people of Isiolo County.

Governor Guyo said even if there were small issues on land in some parts of the county technical officers from his county and that of national government will in future discus and verify facts in a bid to find an amicable solution.

The Governor expressed his wish and desire to work closely with the Government for the success of mutual interests and concerns of the local community.

During the visit, the Governor also according Lt Gen Mwathethe and his delegation an opportunity to meet members of his cabinet and county Assembly at the County Hall where they held fruitful talks. The delegation had visited the County on behalf of the Defense Cabinet Secretary Ambassador Raychelle Omamo.